audio inbox

audio host and fan management

  • first, how does this work?

    it's simple. sign up, add any e-mail addresses of fans you already have, upload your music and we do the rest.

    every day we will check to see if you have any new content, if you do we will send the links to all your fans via e-mail.

    new fans can easily subscribe from your profile and audio stream/download pages. we even ask them to subscribe to you if they choose to download your content.

  • super simple design
    as you can see audio inbox is simple and straight to the point providing you and your fans with a premium experience.
  • upload individual tracks or collections
    you can upload one audio file or multiple it's up to you. when uploading multiple at once you will have the option to option each audio file as an individual tracks or to group them together as a collection, album or mixtape.
  • build strong fan lists
    twitter is flooded out and facebook picks and chooses what people sees. our unique service allows you to build an email fan list to put your new audio in your fans inbox directly.
  • stupid crazy stats
    our platform may look simple but under the hood is a whole different story. we keep some of the most detailed statistics on who's actually viewing your emails and playing your audio.